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Sacramento Drum Circle (FREE) happens every Second Sunday of the month. To be informed of where and when, go to http://www.meetup.com/Sacramento-DrumCircleCommunity     and join up. It is FREE to join.

These Drum Circles are very lightly facillitated. The goal is for everyone to have fun! Extra Drums and percussion instruments are usually available for use.

The Drum Circle meets every Second Sunday of the month at Fenix Drum and Dance Studio located at 2110 Del Paso Blvd. (near Arden Way) in Sacramento.  2pm to 3:30 ish FREE lesson at 1:30 Email Rex@drumsum.com or call me for details.



SUE ANNE BENNETT comes from a musical family; her early training included piano, flute and vocals. In 1997 she discovered hand drumming and loved the rhythms!  She has been playing percussion with Drumsum  since its inception in the San Francisco East Bay in 2003.  Sue Anne completed Community Drum Circle Facilitation training from Arthur Hull and specific facilitation training to work with special populations given by Heather MacTavish.  Since 2003 Sue Anne has shared her sheer joy for life by facilitating hundreds of rhythm circles where she delights and empowers various populations from ages 3 – 100!  She is co-founder of Everyone in Rhythm and facilitates rhythm based programs in the greater Sacramento area with various organizations for team building, stress release and celebrations.

GAIL CRAWFORD is another Drumsum new member, playing percussion. She has been playing Recorder for the past 15 years, was in the American Recorder Orchestra of the West for several years and has been in several smaller groups. She is on the board of the Sacramento Recorder Society. She is also a student of the drums. She volunteers at the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary and with Sierra Wild Life Rescue. Gail is a poet and has been writing poems since age 8 and also has been West Coast Swing dancing for over a decade.

REX WOMACK has been performing for over ten years as a percussionist, drummer, didgeridoo, and American Indian flute player. He has facilitated Drum Circles for many different venues, led a monthly Drum Circle for The Pleasant Hill Recreation and  Park District for over six years where he also taught classes on playing hand drums and didgeridoo. Rex has played the Didgeridoo for seven years, learning from American master players Steven Kent and Randy Graves.  He also has studied with a number of Australian Aborigine Didgeridoo masters, both here and in Australia. Using his formal training on guitar, drums and didgeridoo, he self taught himself to play the American Indian flute whcih accounts for his unique style. Rex has taught hundreds of people of all ages to play Drums and Didgeridoos and has been a featured speaker about music and the Australian Aborigine culture and history. In the past two years he expanded his performances to include healing and blessing ceremonies using Tibetan singing bowls, long horn, conchs, bells and gongs.

Bill Taylor is Drumsum's newest member , playing Keyboards. He is a working musician spending a good portion of his time with various musical projects. Though primarily a jazz keyboard player he plays other instruments as well. Bill played clarinet & saxophone through high school and college before taking up the piano. His interest in the saxophone has recently been rekindled and he is hoping to work it into Drumsum's music. Bill is also learning Hand Drums, American Indian Flutes and Bass. His web site is at www.billtaylorjazz.com

Paul G Morehouse, Ph.D., saxophonist 


Paul Morehouse has been playing saxophone professionally since 1966 and performed while serving in the US Army in Vietnam. During the 1990’s, Paul presented his own music education program as artist-in-residence for the California Arts Council. From 2001-06 he was adjunct professor of Music Education at Cal State, Los Angeles. He received his Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in 2012 and wrote an article “The Importance of Music Making In Early Development” for the journal Young Children. Paul has composed music for many independent documentary films and enjoys leading family “jam sessions” at community festivals including Sacramento’s “Banana Festival.” 

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A simple instrument, that is why we use the BEST! Shakka Shakerz, available at www.www.shakerman.com/

One of the Kalimbas is a Hugh Tracy Kalimba, specially tuned by Kevin KalimbaMan Spears. The other is a SaReGaMa. Both can be bought at http://kalimbamagic.com This web site has a wealth of Kalimba information. A GREAT place to buy and learn from!

FairyRingMushroom Co. http://harmonyflutes.com/zencart/ Locally located in Citrus Heights, Ca
Stephen DeRuby Flutes http://www.deruby.com/
Fallen Branch Flutes http://fallenbranch.com/ There Flutes are made from branches, kind of like Didgeridoos are made. Each is a one of a kind, mystical looking flute, with unique-hidden sounds embedded.
High Spirit Flutes http://www.highspirits.com/
....AND in the future Woodsounds Flutes http://www.woodsounds.com/ The nicest looking, best quality and most expensive flutes that I have seen! Looking forward to buying one (well maybe two).

Dancing Drums
Roland Hand Sonic 15 and Handsonic HPD 20  Korg Global Wave Drum     Hammerax cymbal

KaliMa, our Mother

Rex, playing a Fairy Ring Mushroom Flute at the 12th Annual Gathering of Spirits Harvest Festival in Fair Oaks. See their wonderful, locally made instruments at http://harmonyflutes.com/zencart/